Jeremy Bernier

Hi, I'm Jeremy Bernier

I build web apps.

I'm a tech lead and full stack engineer with over a decade of experience building startups and solving challenging technical problems

About Me

Me working on a laptop somewhere in Italy

I love to build things that improve peoples' lives.

I specialize in building modern, mobile-friendly web applications with clean, maintainable code. My professional experience ranges from leading teams on high trafficking (200M views/month) complex web applications to building greenfield projects for seed stage startups from scratch.

I've been coding since I was 11 and wanted to make my own videogames. Although my interests have broadened beyond games, my passion remains to build things that improve peoples' lives.

Personal Projects 🪐💫

Note: These projects are still under development. I built them simply because I wanted them to exist.
  • (in progress)

    I built an open source Notion-like writing application + publishing tool and headless CMS.

    Users can easily share collections of their documents and publish to their own API. Collections can also be nested

    Next.js, React.js, TailwindCSS, Node.js, Express, PostgreSQL, Google Cloud, Lexical


    I built an internet forum and content aggregator (like Reddit) where the goal is to reward high quality content via UI/UX and crypto rewards

    Users can log in with their ethereum wallets, or alternatively via username/password or Twitter OAuth. For users with their wallets connected, there is the option to "tip" them in the UI.

    In the future, points will be redeemable as tokens.

    Next.js, React.js, Node.js, Apollo GraphQL, TailwindCSS, TypeGraphql, TypeORM, PostgreSQL, Redis, Google Cloud, ethers.js, hardhat


    Useful places for digital nomads, crowdsourced.

    Find and share free places to work (eg. work cafes, libraries, parks), and review them on wifi speed, power outlets, and atmosphere.

    Leaflet, OpenStreetMap, Google Maps API, Next.js, React.js, Node.js, Apollo GraphQL, TailwindCSS, TypeGraphql, TypeORM, PostgreSQL, Redis, Google Cloud

Professional Experience 💼

Most recently I've been consulting for startups. Clients include Outerbase (YC '23), a stealth fintech startup, SiFive, and
  • Lido

    Founding Engineer

    Dec 2019 - May 2022

    New York, NY (remote)

    One of the first engineers hired to build out a data-intensive no-code web application for a VC-funded early stage startup that had just gotten funded. Backend and frontend development.

    • Led development of greenfield Saas project to launch, hiring and managing a team of developers
    • Built a data integration system enabling users to pull data from various 3rd party APIs (Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Shopify, etc) into PostgreSQL and dynamically join this data together in real-time, automatically generating the necessary SQL queries and joins on the backend via a universal ontology and modeling the entity relationships as a graph.
    • Initiated and led migration off old legacy ORM (Prisma v1) to TypeORM/TypeGraphQL
    • Standardized best practices on backend GraphQL API and frontend with Next.js, React, etc.
    • Various backend and frontend work such as building out datasets on frontend/backend, org permissions, web builder components, etc.

    Buzzwords: Node.js, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, Apollo, TypeORM, TypeGraphQL, Next.js, React, Typescript, puppeteer, web scraping, Redis

  • Vroom

    Engineering Lead

    Jul 2016 - Nov 2017

    New York, NY

    I was hired as the first engineer in the new NYC HQ for Vroom (over $1b in revenue) as a Senior Software Engineer and promoted to Engineering Lead after 10 months, managing a team of 5 engineers.

    I rewrote from the ground-up as a universal/isomorphic Javascript single-page app with Node.js, React, Redux, Webpack, PostCSS, Sass, Nginx, Docker, CircleCI (continuous integration), Google Cloud, Optimizely,, etc. Built out core site, catalog page, product page, search, analytics, and payments flow -optimizing for UX, performance, and SEO. Server-side rendering and server/client side caching for blazing speeds. A/B testing for new feature releases (with Optimizely).

    This resulted in page speed improvement of over 10x, reduced server costs, and drastically increased development speed and release cycles. The codebase I wrote was spun off into a boilerplate that was open sourced and used as the starting template for other apps both internal/external within the company (eg.

    Hired and managed/mentored a team of 5 engineers, implemented agile/scrum processes.

  • iHeartRadio

    Full Stack Engineer

    Dec 2014 - Jun 2016

    New York, NY

    Full-stack web engineer for (200M pageviews/month, 100m registered users), an isomorphic single-page app with a music player for live and custom radio, as well as podcasts. Was the lead/solo web engineer for 3 of those months. Some buzzwords: React.js, Node.js, Javascript (ES6), Sass/Compass, Jenkins, AWS, Jenkins, Docker, Foundation, Jira, Agile, etc.

    • Developed favorites radio station page/functionality, my music page, and new podcast player.
    • Migrated music player from flash-based FlowPlayer (RTMP) to HTML5-based JW Player utilizing HLS. Fixed remaining inherited critical bugs (eg. player randomly freezing) that had been delaying the migration for months prior to me joining and costing the company tens of thousands of dollars.
    • Implemented features such as automatically reconnecting user if user loses internet connection, drastically increasing total listening time (TLS), one of the company's key performance indicators.
    • Made app responsive and mobile-friendly utilizing Sass and Foundation (when I joined the application wasn't supported on mobile). Created mobile banner ad
    • Implemented Optimizely for A/B testing, Appboy for real-time push notifications, and persistent anonymous listening functionality enabling anonymous user listening history to be saved.
    • Maintained Nginx config and Ansible deployment scripts
    • Updated the Chromecast player to support JW Player and HLS streaming
    • Analytics tagging with Omniture and Localytics
    • Implemented SEO meta tags on artist/radio/song/podcast pages
    • Starting athlete on company soccer, volleyball, and kickball teams.
  • Varick Media Management

    Platform Engineer

    Feb 2014 - Aug 2014

    New York, NY

    Spark, Scala, Hadoop, Javascript, D3.js, Three.js, Angular, Java

    • Wrote MapReduce queries in Scala to run via Spark over Hadoop cluster.
    • Created interactive data visualizations with D3.js and Three.js/WebGL
    • Proposed the adoption of a front-end framework to upgrade jQuery-based frontend, implementing Angular.

    kbs+ Ventures Fellow - an in-house training program on entrepreneurship taught by kbs+ Ventures, the venture capital arm of kbs (under MDC Partners, the same parent company as Varick)

Education 🎓

  • Columbia University

    Master of Science (M.S.), Operations Research

  • Virginia Tech

    BS, Mathematics

    GPA: 3.94/4.00 (last 3 years), T.W. Hatcher Mathematical Scholarship

Skills 🔨

Comfortable leading teams as well as getting my hands dirty as an individual contributor. Experienced across backend, frontend, and devops.

8+ years experience with React.js and Node.js. My current go-to stack (as of writing this) is Next.js, React, Zustand for state management, TailwindCSS, Node.js, PostgreSQL, and Typescript, containerized with Docker and deployed to Google Cloud Run. Or if it's just a static site, then Cloudflare Pages or Google Cloud Storage / Amazon S3.

That being said I'm always tinkering with new tech since tech is always evolving, and definitely not married to any tech stack. Recent AI hype wave for example has got me tinkering with Python again.

Hire Me 🥷🏼

I am only interested in remote work at this time, and prefer asynchronous work environments. (I'm a U.S Citizen if that matters).

Contact me below to get started 🤝