Life summary:

  • Born in Alexandria, VA.
  • Taught myself C++ at 12 years old because I wanted to make video games
  • Graduated from Virginia Tech with a B.S. in math
  • Graduated from Columbia University with a M.S. in operations research
  • Worked at a bunch of cool companies in NYC
  • Took a year off to travel the world
  • Working at cool companies again, except this time remotely

Random Facts:

  • I've been to 33+ countries
  • I was an Engineering Lead for a company with $1b+ in revenue, building out their flagship ecommerce website from scratch on a modern tech stack (LinkedIn)
  • I majored in math
  • I'm fluent in Japanese and spent my summers in the countryside of Japan as a kid going to school there. It was totally different from the U.S in every single way imaginable, and had a strong impact on me.
  • Other interests/hobbies: economics / politics, video making, electronic music production, piano, game development, self-development

Actually there's a lot more to talk about, but since this website simply serves to help get me hired, we'll leave it at that for now until we become close enough friends to where we can discuss the deeper things in life.