Here are some of the tech projects I've worked on in the past outside of my professional experience (except, which I'll include because it's most recent and I built it from the ground up).

Built this ecommerce website from the ground up using Node.js, React, etc. Universal single-page app. Eventually hired engineers and contractors, and led and managed the team (architecture, agile/scrum, code reviews, etc).

I made a remote job site with the main perk being that you can filter jobs by salary with a slider. This was just a proof of concept, so the job listings are out of date now since I did not build a way to programmatically scrape for listings. Maybe I'll finish this out in the future though because I'm still not satisfied with current job boards.

ImmigrationBags (eCommerce Site)

I made this after work one day after discovering the name of what I thought was an awesome storage product and thinking I could make money off the Amazon affiliate links. I didn't make any effort to drive traffic to the site (protip: when you build a site, traffic doesn't just come), and after not getting any commissions I shut it down. In hindsight, "immigration bag" is such a weird name (fyi I didn't invent this name).

3D Audio Visualization, 3D world (incomplete) (Three.js/WebGL)

Twitter Bot

I made a Twitter bot and went from 66 to 1,232 followers in one week, and then Twitter suspended my write privileges to their API

Labor Market Visualized (blog post)

I was curious what the composition of the labor market was here in the U.S., and I couldn't find any visualizations so I took the BLS's data and made my own using D3.js.

Web Audio Keyboard (GitHub)

I made a web keyboard using the Web Audio API. You can play it with your keyboard ("z", "x", "c").

NYC Anonymous (deprecated)

I made a real-time forum (, Redis, Node.js, Angular) for New Yorkers with the twist that it tells people which NYC neighborhood you're posting from using your location (if you allowed it). When I posted it to Reddit, it was buzzing nonstop for a couple days. Then slowly things died out, so eventually I shut it down. I'll never forget the feeling of seeing people use the creation I made, that was a great feeling.

NYC Stuff To Do

Simple website with stuff to do in NYC. Took it down.