Windows Subsystem for Linux Review

Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) gives you a native linux terminal on Windows, which is a gamechanger for Windows. No longer can “lack of a *nix environment” be an excuse to automatically dismiss Windows.

That being said, it still has a long way to go in order to be competitive with a Mac OSX or Linux.

Cons Default terminal kind of sucks.

  • Takes 5 seconds to load (I’m using oh my zsh, so perhaps slightly faster without)
  • No tabs
  • CTRL-V doesn’t paste, need CTRL-SHIFT-V

I tried another terminal (terminator), but the video resolution of it looked terrible. Maybe this has to do with my 4k screen, but it’s annoying enough to where I stopped using it.

  • No networking commands
  • npm is super slow. Thankfully, disabling real-time virus protection helps a lot. But I still feel like it’s slower than Mac OSX.
  • While a command is executing, it often stalls until I press enter. This is extremely annoying.
  • I can’t run a Windows .exe file by putting it in /usr/local/bin. I had to alias it.

Random useful commands:

  • clear Clear terminal
  • explorer.exe . opens the current directory in Windows Explorer
  • clip.exe Clipboard (equivalent of pbcopy on Mac OSX)