How to Improve Windows

As a long-term Mac user who’s recently been using Windows a lot again (thanks to Windows Subsystem for Linux), there are a lot of things I miss from my Mac (and vice versa). Here are some ways to make Windows better.

Make clicking on Taskbar icon group load last active window by default

This is a feature I really missed from the Mac. It’s objectively more efficient. Easy to implement as it’s a simple registry change:

Switch between windows of the active application (ie. Cmd+` on Mac)

Here’s an AutoHotKey script to implement this as Windows+` and Windows+Esc

#`::    ; Next window
WinGetClass, ActiveClass, A
WinSet, Bottom,, A
WinActivate, ahk_class %ActiveClass%

#Esc::    ; Last window
WinGetClass, ActiveClass, A
WinActivateBottom, ahk_class %ActiveClass%

To be continued…